Bee and Puppycat
By Sandra

    Bee and Puppycat is an animated series on Youtube that has 4 episodes already.  The creators are called Cartoon Hangover the same creators that made Bravest Warriors from my last newspaper about Catbug. I put a link below it you want to check it out. Bee and Puppy cat is about a twenty-two year old woman named Bee.

    Bee lives alone in a small apartment and has a hard time keeping her job. One night while walking home in the rain after getting fired, Puppycat falls from the sky and hits her head knocking her over. The next morning Bee had an appointment with a temp agent who didn’t give her any work. Back home she got hungry and she didn't have money to buy food because she spent all of it on toys for Puppycat. Puppycat then reviles his magic abilities and they go an intergalactic temp job to sFishbowl space to babysit a fish named Wallace.

    Bee's personality is very impulsive. She often acts without thinking which leads her into getting in trouble. She is very kind because she didn't hesitate to bring Puppycat home when they first met. She doesn't give up easily even though she doesn't have no skills or magic.

    Bee has light skin, dark eyes and long, thick ,brown hair. She has a round face and a curvy body. Her signature outfit is a yellow sweater with a peter pan collar and a bee in the middle pink shorts, and brown shoes with a pink ribbon race
Puppycat looks like a normal cat butt here are some differences. He has a cat-like body and a dog-like tail. He has a white body with beige ears, thick beige eyebrows, a beige tipped tail, and beige paws. He also wears a pink collar with a yellow bell.

Puppycat acts a lot like a greedy king. He considers himself a figure of high status. He tells this ladybug, that he refers to Peon, to bow down to him and he calls Bee's friend, Deckard, a peasant. He doesn’t appear to be a bad person since he lets Bee come along on his Temp jobs and a least cares about her not to let her die during their jobs.


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