by Sandra

    Catbug is a fictional character on the Youtube channel, Cartoon Hangover. Catbug made his debut on January 10, 2013 in the episode “Gas Powered Stick of the Youtube series, Bravest Warriors. Bravest Warriors is about four teenagers, Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow. They each have powers that they can unlock from their suits. Chris has the bee, Beth has the cat, Danny has the dog, and Wallow has the eagle.
    Catbug is half cat and half ladybug alien creature with a child-like personality. He has a chubby body and small legs and no tail. Catbug has white eyes and no nose. Catbug has the ability to travel to different dimensions like the “See through Zone”. Of course since he is half ladybug, he has the ability to fly.

    In one of the episodes it shows how Catbug became apart of the Bravest Warriors. He started out as a caterpillar that has six, red eyes.  When Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow were kids, the caterpillar was found by Chris, in Beth’s Father’s garden. The caterpillar was accepted by Chris, Beth, and Danny, but Wallow didn’t like him at first. Wallow ended up trying to take care of the caterpillar because it kept vomiting a lot. At night the caterpillar turned into a huge cocoon that took most of Wallow’s room. Then Catbug walks out of the cocoon from a door. Now he is Wallow’s pet.

    Catbug has some friends since Wallow has many cute companions. Catbug is friends with Impossibear, he looks like a bear with a mustache with different colors on his stomach, two beetles that have glowing bellies, three, tiny ponies that are pink, blue, and purple, a dancing pink monkey, and a small green thing that has a arm sticking out of her head and she wears a tutu. Sounds weird but I promise you they all look adorable, in my opinion.

At the bottom will be a speeded video of me drawing Catbug. I hope you like it and my draw skills aren’t that good.

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