Honey Brand Co.
By: Vanessa

   Honey is a clothing brand that started Friday November 28th, 2014. A professional skateboarder, Keelan Dadd started this brand because he wanted to give back to his community, help kids all over and he wanted to start something new. Keelan lived most of his childhood broke then he got sponsored by DGK then went pro a while after that. Then in 2014 he left DGK and started his own brand called Honey.

   Keelan didn’t start this brand alone he had help from a few other skaters. One of them is Steven Fernandez. I’m pretty sure if not all of you some of you know who Steven is and if you don’t you can read about his life in the link below. Anyways Keelan and Steven have been bestfriends for a while and now they’re living their dreams together. There are two other skaters with Honey. They are Aramis Hudson and Hayden Kelly. Now all four of them have meet and greets and they enjoy making clothes with this brand.


   Honey Brand is always giving back to people in their community and to people out there in need. They give some of the Honey gear to charities, fans who can’t afford to buy it themselves, and to local skaters. Honey currently sponsored two more skaters. Robert Coloma and another guy, but I don’t know what his name is…  Anyways Keelan started this brand to make clothing for our generation and to give back.

   They sell Honey at the brands website, Zumiez, Pharmacy Boardshop, and Warning Skate Shop. Currently Honey is the number one selling brand at Zumiez in every state and on the Zumiez website.  They have clothing for boys and girls. They currently sell shirts, hoodies, and beanies. The shirts sell from $28 to $34, the solid color shirts are $28 and the multi-colored shirts are $34. The hoodies sell from $59 to $72 and I know that’s expensive, but the hoodies are really warm, cozy and thick so it’s worth it and the solid color with the brand name costs $59 and the multi colored costs $72. Lastly the beanies costs $22. They have burgundy, black, gray, olive, and white beanies currently and they really keep you really warm.
   Honey recently announced that they will be having a Honey Tour and have meet and greets in a lot of other states because they’re a lot of fans and skaters that are around the world that wear Honey and want to meet the Honey Team. Recently the Honey team had two meet and greets one in Keelan’s and Steven’s store, Pharmacy

Boardshop in Granada Hills and one at another Pharmacy Boardshop location in Anaheim Hills. I wasn’t able to go to the meet and greet in Granada Hills, but luckily I did go to the one in Anaheim Hills. It started at 1pm and was supposed to end at 4pm, but it actually ended at 8pm. Keelan, Aramis, and Hayden left around 5pm to 6pm, but luckily Steven left around 8 or 9pm. I only got to meet Steven, but atleast I met one. Especially my favorite from the Honey Team. It is one day I will never forget.

This is a cartoon I did of Steven Fernandez wearing a Honey shirt.

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