Taho is a Filipino drink that is a favorite to many Filipinos. Taho is made out of a brown syrup, that is just brown sugar and water dissolved together with a hint of vanilla extract if wanted. Next in the drink is Boba. If you don’t know what Boba is, it is a black pearl that is chewy and sweet.

    Some people also call it Bubble Tea. If you want to learn more about it, there is a link below to another newspaper that talks all about it. Some people just use sago instead. Sago is similar to boba but a much lighter brown and is a little trasparent. Next in the drink is tofu. Yes, it may seem weird but it is actually REALLY delicious. The tofu is really soft and it isn’t seasoned so it doesn’t really taste like anything. Now you mix all the ingredients together and serve. Taho is enjoyed either with a spoon, sipping it with a straw, or by simply slurping it straight from the cup.

   You can buy Taho at a store called Seafood City. Inside, there is a shop called Bubble Street. They sell other kinds of bubble tea. If you don’t know where Seafood City is, there is an address below.
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Seafood City Supermarket
11098 Foothill Boulevard
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730