Bubble Tea
By: Sandra
September 9, 2014

    Have you ever heard about bubble tea? Bubble tea is a drink that people make, that involves fruit like, strawberries, green apple, mango, watermelon and lots more. Two unusual flovors that people order are  coffee and vinegar. Many other names that people call bubble tea are, pearl drink, milk tea, and boba. At the bottom of the drink there are these black pearls that are chewy and sweet. They are called tapioca pearl and people usually order them in there smoothies. Many people in America call them boba. Boba was originated in Taiwan in a small island in Southeast Asia and has been a favorite hangout activities to do out of school. Some people call it bubble tea because of the boba at the bottom, but really its because of the foam at the bottom of the cup.

    How boba is made is by getting a pot and fill it up with water, then you add the boba, which you can buy at stores, and stir frequently so the boba doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot and burn. Because of how large the pearl is, you can’t use a normal straw, the drink usually come with fat straws to allow the boba to travel up the straw. You can find bubble tea in mnay places like New York, Philly, Chinatown, and California and anywhere else. You can also get it in malls but some malls don’t have any so it may be a little difficult to find bubble tea in a regular American mall. Many people enjoy bubble tea because of its sweet taste and the chewy texture and it is not that expensive to buy, most of them cost one to two dollars on how popular the flavor is.

    So now you know what boba is, would you like to try it now?
RCMS Lions Times