Photoshop Elements Assignments

All original works as well as your recreations need to be placed into a web editor (Kompozer) to be shared in class. All assignments are worth 25 points.  The total assignment is worth is 150 points.

Assignment 1

Crop an image

See a video lesson here

Assignment 2

Colorize an Image


See a video lesson here

Assignment 3

Famous Painters

Original da Vinci

Filtered Art - twirl, craquelure, tile

Assignment 4

Recreate Famous Artwork

Here are some choices for Assignments 3 & 4

Mona Lisa by; DaVinci

Tweleve Sunflowers by; van Gogh

The Starry Night by; van Gogh

The Japanese Bridge by; Monet

The Scream by; Munch

By The Lake by; Afremov

Self Portrait by; van Gogh

Voice of the Winds by; Magritte

Page title centered 5
Multiple text colors 5
All graphics inserted in a table and labeled 10
Web page appearance 20
In class presentation 10
Total Points

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