Photoshop Elements Assignments

All original works as well as your recreations need to be placed into an iMovie video to be shared in class. All assignments are worth 25 points.

Your video needs a title with your name, date and period.  List the Filters that you used, and add a Title to each photo.  Your logo must be placed at the end of the video.  Each image must be set at a 10 second time limit in iMovie.  The iMovie portion is worth 25 points.

The total assignment is worth is 125 points.  Save as "LastName Photoshop 1".  Share with Mr. Garretson via AirDrop.

Assignment 1

Crop an image

See a video lesson here

Assignment 2

Colorize an Image


See a video lesson here

Assignment 3

Famous Painters

Original da Vinci

Filtered Art - twirl, craquelure, tile

Assignment 4

Recreate Famous Artwork

Here are some choices for Assignments 3 & 4

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