Troye Sivan  
by  Mya

  Troye  Sivan

Have you heard of Troye Sivan. He's a youtuber and just recently made an EP called TRXYE. Troye grew up in Australia with 3 siblings and is the middle child. Now he's 19 and travels all over the world with is friends. Doing things together like Vidcon amd Playlist Live. A lot of people might know Troye because he is kinda just coming out more and doing more things so people know him.

   From doing covers to traveling to place all over the world and even making  a few music videos Troye Sivan is still only a teen and always tries to find time for his friend. One of Troye's best friends is Tyler Oakley.They meet and playlist live in 2012 and automatically clicked and became very close. now they even have a ship name together Troyler (ill be using that name a lot in this article).They have done many videos together like; ‘’boyfriend tag’’, ‘’face painting challenge ‘’and a ‘’tumblr’’ tag together and many more. Recently  in the 2014 teens choice award they won an award together for best collaboration on there ‘’boyfriend tag’’.

If this is you first time hearing about troye don't be surprised when it starts popping up everywhere. Troye started singing ever since he could talk.He  started his career at a young age acting in movies like X-men Origins. He played young Hugh Hackman aka Wolverine. He played in both spud 1 & 2 his John Milton. He is the main character in Spud his character goes to a boarding school.

Troye started his career singing on youtube back in 2007. When he first started all he did is sing and do covers of songs but, a few years later by the begging of his subscribes he started to do vlogs . The more he posted these videos the more noticed by people. After doing all these video he finally reached 1 million subscribes on Oct.21 2013.
more on TRXYE 

Troye released his EP on August 15, 2014 . On the Ep there are 5 songs but, he made over 40 songs that were compiled for that EP. On his EP he has a song that he made for the famous John Green’s The Fault in our Stars. He also released a video for his song on May 5 ,2013. More recently he made a video for his single Happy little pill on August 12 , 2014.

Now that you know all of this about Troye you should go check him out. If you don't find him interesting at least listen to TRXYE I promise you won’t regret it.

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