Shane Dawson
By: Mary
Period 4

    Shane Dawson, a major youtuber who has more than 6 million subscribers on his main channel, is who I'm going to be writing about today. Shane Dawson joined YouTube in 2007 and has come very far since then. He posts parodies and videos with other youtubers. If you want to know more, keep reading.
    Shane has been in the movie “Smiley” and another short film called “Friends 4ever”. He is now making his first movie called “Not Cool” the movie is to be announced in the fall of this year. He is also writing a book along with 4 other youtubers. Shane goes to VidCon every here so you can meet him there. you can also meet him if he does other meet-ups. Shane was also the Choice Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards in 2010.

    Shane has three channels, his most popular one, “Shane Dawson TV” has 6,104,830 subscribers. His other channel “Shane” has 4,071,284 subscribers. His last channel “Shane Dawson TV 2” only has 2,465,901 subscribers. On “Shane Dawson TV” he posts parodies and funny videos. On “Shane” he does videos with other youtubers called collaborations or collabs and sometimes gaming videos. “Shane Dawson TV 2” is his backup channel that he posts less on. Shane posts videos every day.

    Shane is friends with lots of other youtubers. He's dating another youtuber named Lisbug. He lives in L.A. like lots of other youtubers. He also has a dog named Corny.

    So now you know a bit about Shane (maybe). So make sure to subscribe!

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