Miranda Sings
  By: Shayleen Willis

   Miranda Sings is my idol, I love her, a lot of people think she is annoying, but i find her very funny and interesting. She makes youtube videos very often and i watch all of them, and she has been making youtube videos since 2008. Miranda Sings is an act, and her real name is Colleen Ballinger, but she also has another youtube channel called Psychosoprano. I think everybody should watch Miranda Sings, but if you're not interested in her, you could watch her other channel too. Keep reading if you want to know more of what she does.

Miranda has around 2 million subscribers, and does videos like challenges, Q and A’s, if you don’t know what a Q and A is, it’s a video where fans ask questions and she answers them. Colleen has her sister Rachel as an assistant for Miranda Sings, and doesn’t say she’s her sister. As Miranda, she claims to have 4 boyfriends such as, Ricky Dillion, Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, and Joshua Evans. She is actually engaged to Joshua as herself, Colleen. She also has meet-ups and performances when she performs as Miranda, and sings as Colleen. I have never gone to a meet-up, but they seem really fun, so maybe if you watch her and like her you can go to one too.

   Miranda Sings makes parodies of other people’s songs, and changes them around making them a little bit funnier. When Colleen makes her Miranda videos she changes her voice, hair, makeup, and style of dressing. Miranda Sings was nominated for Choice Web Star: Comedy, for the Teen Choice Awards, but she actually lost to the famous collaboration channel Our2ndLife. I really hope Miranda Sings will continue making videos in the future, and I really think all of you should watch her.

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