By Abigail V.


  Proctors, they might not be your teachers, but they can get the same respect too. They can also tell you to do some certain things. For example they can take your phone away if they see it out in your hand or pocket , or they can just give you lunch detention , they’re practically just telling you what you can or can’t do during lunch time.
 But don’t forget they’re just doing that so you can follow the rules or to just keep you safe. They might get on students nerves, but they’re just doing their jobs.

       I interviewed Mrs.Virginia and she said that her full name is Virginia R. . I asked her about her job being a proctor and asked her if she liked her job and she said, “ yes, I enjoy doing my job.’’ After that I asked her for how long she had been working as a proctor. I asks her what was her favorite part of the job and she answered back saying it was meeting new kids. After being curious for a moment I asked her about how many detentions she gives out a day and she said about 3-4 detentions a day, but then she said that she gives out 10 - 12 detentions a week. I also wondered if she had a favorite grade and she said she liked all of them but her favorite was 7th grade. I noticed she had a lot of experience doing her job as a proctor , so I for how long has she been a proctor and and she said that this year was her 8th year being proctor. I only interviewed Mrs. Virginia because the other proctors didn’t want to be interviewed, and suggested to interview Mrs.     Virginia and not them. So that was my newspaper about proctors.

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