How does it feel to a 6th grader?
by : Erika

      Hey Lions!! On the first day of 6th grade many kids feel nervous because of all the new changes. They have to get use to going to more then one class instead of one, and meeting new people. They also need to be on their best behavior for there new teachers. Also don’t forget that your 6th grade year counts for 8th grade year as well, everything you learn from middle school you will need for high school. Your 6th grade year counts because of your promotion, field trips, dances, and more fun activities.

      Now that your in middle school you have to “ adapt “ to the new differences in this new environment. Such as, more than one teacher, dressing out for P.E, and getting a fun elective. At first you might feel uncomfortable changing in front of people during P.E., but you will get use to it eventually. Your teachers will be nice if you listen and pay attention in class. And having an elective is a privilege because its a fun class to be in, you also need to pay close attention because your grade can drop really easily. Being a 6th grader can be scary sometimes, because you have to take on so many challenging tasks.

      6th grade is fun because you learn new interesting things. You realize who your true friends are. Most 6th graders are afraid of the the 8th  graders, but you shouldn't be because there just like you but older and getting ready to go to high school and have matured over the 3 years they've been here. Middle school goes by fast and over those three years and you learn so much. Being good and getting good grades and not getting in trouble will pay off because when your an 8th grader you will do so many fun stuff plus you get to promote. Over all you will have great memories and have an amazing three years in middle school.

My first day of school was fun because
i got to see all my friends from last year.

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