Teen Titans Go!
By: Robert P.

                         The Teen Titans are a super hero team that has many forms. But the one I’m talking about is from a television show called Teen Titans Go!  The television show is the creation of Glen Murakami, an American animator and animation producer from Japanese descent. Originally designed to be comic books heroes, the super hero team became an animation sensation on Dec 25th 2013. The Teen Titan team consists of Robin (the leader), Starfire (the alien super girl), Raven (a sarcastic half demon spawn), Beast Boy (the laidback shape shifter), and Cyborg (the muscle and tech guy of the group).  Together in the Titans tower they protect Jump city from villains such as the Hive. Most of the events happen in present day time.   These cartoons are part of the DC Universe and come in many forms including the addition of other characters such as Aqua-Lad and the Kid Flash.  This show is funny and is good for an easy laugh.
More about each character:

Robin: The leader of the team, Robin was raised by Batman and is a hand-to-hand combatant with his own array of gadgets and weapons. He is very cocky and thinks highly of himself. He also has a secret crush on his teammate Starfire.

Starfire: Starfire has super strength, flight, and lasers that fire from her eyes. She has it all and she likes Robin, although she sometimes forgets to show it.

Raven: Raven is half demon, half human, and all super heroine. She has magic powers which allow her flight, teleportation, and telekinesis, plus assorted other dark magics. She is smarter and more mature than he fellow titans. But, she sometimes shows her softer side, which plays with little, girly toys and has a crush on Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: From hedgehogs and hawks, to tortoises and tyrannosauruses, Beast Boy can turn into any animal. He is a stupid but lovable loafer who loves burritos and his chill time. His best friend is his fellow titan Cyborg, plus he has obvious feelings for teammate Raven, which he “knows” she returns to him (which is coincidently true).

Cyborg: Cyborg is a robot who loves burgers, funny jokes, new robot parts, and having fun with his friend Beast Boy. His robot body gives him super strength among many other abilities. He believes Beast Boy when he says Raven loves him, and often tries to help him prove it, almost always finding its true, but for all the wrong reasons.

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