Video Games
by Henrry L.
    Do you play video games? Do you watch people playing video games? Ever find yourself wondering what games are out now or what video games people like? Well keep reading to find out what other people play! Most people that play video games have a favorite ranging from RPGs to MMOs or from handhelds to consoles to PC. You may like games from Mario to GTA. You may like playing simulations like The Sims or sport simulations like Madden and FIFA or horrors like Silent Hill.Today you are reading this to find out what people like, their favorite video game styles, or just their favorite way to play. Here are some questions I asked them
1) What game is your favorite
2) Why do you like that game your favorite
3) What would you add to improve the game

I interviewed a couple of students on what video games they liked the best. This is them and they responded with this

Damien M.
1) GTA
2)It is awesome
3) Family Role-play

Jai S.
1) Super Smash Bros Brawl
3)More cheats

Ashanti W.
1)Saints Row 2
2)It is fun

Miguel N.
1)FIFA 14
2) I like it because I like soccer
3)New Players

    A lot of people like the games that their friends introduce them to. Games like MOBAs are becoming more popular because of the online multiplayer. More of the most popular video games right now are Minecraft, GTA V, League of Legends, and Clash of Clans. Some can be played on PC, others on consoles and some on mobile devices like iPods or Android Tablets. I asked another person how they like to play and what style.

Sean M.

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