Thinking About Giraffes
By: Dylan


    Have you ever thought…giraffes? Well I am here to tell you that you may not be normal but in a way that is good. Now you're probably thinking “Oh wow this guys is just plain out dumb” but YOU ARE WRONG.  I have a particular set of skills that you may have never heard of but this set of skills is called thinking about just… giraffes. Now just because you’ve heard of this set of skills does’t mean you should try this at home it can be very dangerous. But if you are anywhere else but home feel free to try it. I will later demonstrate the process of thinking about giraffes and how you should prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

    So you’ve decided to say through this adventure. You’re a brave one because sooner or later you may catch a cold of thinking about giraffes. But anyway the first position you should be in a comfortable environment where all you can think about is furry animals that are like… tall. Next you should watch a couple mystical creature documentaries just so you can get a look at the creatures you WON'T see on this journey. Now that you’ve followed these crucial steps you need to find a ruler because help you forget the past. Things in giraffe world may not be as they seem as for instance any baby giraffe could just be a garden gnome wanting to quench his thirst with a little giraffe milk. Now for you garden gnomes out there continue doing this because it gives the giraffe world meaning and its very funny to tell your friends about. Lastly you should just face the fact the that thinking about giraffes isn't as easy as it look so don't let looks decieve you. As you may have noticed this article teaches you nothing about thinking about giraffes so enjoy your day here at RCMS lion Times! Bye guys!

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