Banana Randomness
    Made By: Ryan

    If you are reading these words in this article you’re probably curious about bananas. Well I’m writing here to satisfy your educational banana needs. First off, bananas are yellow, with an occasional brown or black in it. If you have brown or black in your banana, that means your banana has bruises. Bruises, in my opinion, ruin the banana for you. You can make lots of things with bananas. An example list of things you can make with bananas are: banana split, banana cake, banana flavored ice cream, and banana pie. Bananas have potassium, which is good for your body I think.

    So you have managed to get through the first paragraph. Good job, but there is more to come. For now make sure you have at least five bananas at your disposal. Also, please make sure that you have a couple of tomatoes in the corner. It is a very crucial step in this article to have the tomatoes in the corner of the room. If you do not your banana learning experience will fail. First off you must peel one of the bananas to one third of an inch.  Now that you have your peeled banana you must put the peeled parts into your mouth. If you taste tomato you must immediately clean your mouth and eat the tomatoes in the corner, which is why those tomatoes where in the corner in the first place. You must restart the process if you tasted tomato. If not, you have successfully completed Banana 101.

    Now that you have completed Banana 101, you have experience with bananas. If you did not like the experience I’m truly sorry you had to go through this experience. Also, if you didn’t like Banana 101 then that probably means you’re a tomato.


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