By Gievirlyn
    ZEBRAS!Now I have your attention. Don’t you ever wonder about what you just dreamt about when you wake up? If you don’t, then you have no imagination! If you do, yay! Please continue reading. I want to see what crazy dreams the students of our school(RCMS) have, so then I will interview them and ask them this, “What did you dream about and tell me most of the details!” Then, I will chose the aproppiate ones. I am doing this becuase I like stories, especially random ones!

    I asked my little sister, Cornelianne, about her dreams, because she is one of the people I know that has crazy dreams. So here is how her dream started: I looked around and I am at my old school, T.O.C.S. I was flying! There were zombies everywhere and the power puff girls came out of nowhere! They weren’t saving the people though, which made no sense at all. They were flying around doing nothing. Then I saw a person being eaten and I flew onto the top of his head and stepped on him to boost me up to the top of the school. After that, I looked around and saw the whole school be eaten by the zombies. The end.

    Then after that, I couldn’t find anyone else so here’s one I had. I look around to find myself on top of a moving train that’s heading towards a giant canyon. In front of the canyon lays a ghost town. The train stopped and I got off. All of a sudden, I was in a carnival with this one random house that showed up right in front of me. It made no sense because no one else saw it. I walked into the abandoned house and it changed into a chocolate house. Everything began to melt and it turned back into wood. It turned dark and suddenly the lights went back on. There I saw a director filming a scary movie, and I was side character in the movie. The main character and I ran through the dark halls, running away from an unknown predator. We went upstairs and I got my phone out and began recording, because the director was no longer there, and the monster became real. After that I got knocked out by the monster, and woke up from my dream. I AM DONE.

    Now here is a dream from someone in my class, told by Sequoia. This will be written in her point of view. I remember this dream from when I was little. I was in the bathtub, and my dad was scrubbing my back. He wouldn’t stop scrubbing my back, as if it was a repeating action. Then I turned to the side and I saw a burnt baby floating around the bathtub. Right after that, I woke up, but I was still dreaming. I was in my bed. I took off the covers, and there was that burnt baby in my mom’s arm. And she was crying, then I found out it was my baby little sister. Dun dun DUN!!

    Here is the last dream now. Anne will be telling this very short dream. I had dreamt about Bloody Mary, and Bloody Mary was trying to kill me in my cousin's garage. Everytime I tried to bring someone to see her, she was gone and whenever I went there alone, she was there. That's all.

On the left is Anne and on the right is Cornelianne
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