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By Yzelaj
September 17, 2014

   Hey ! Have you ever heard of Pranks vs Prank? Well if you don’t then keep reading, but if you do then still keep reading. Prank vs Prank is a youtube channel that has 6 million subscribers and around 150 million views.  The channel is about a boy, Jesse, and a girl, Jeanna, who prank  each other. They do all kinds of pranks.  From a 3 year old expired burgers to a hot pepper extract.  They do crazy things and their really funny.  Check them out and see if your Team Jesse or Team Jeanna ?

   Jesse and Jeanna were together for ten years.  TEN YEARS!  Both of them pulled pranks on each other and they still didn't break up.  If you see their pranks you’ll say to yourself  “how do they live together.”  Well if you wanna see check their vlog out Bf vs Gf and you’ll see that sometimes they don’t trust each other. They also do challenges on that channel too! Which is pretty funny.

   There pranks can be hilarious from time to time.  Jesse knows that Jeanna hates bugs and Jeanna knows that Jesse hates snakes. Jesse did prank Jeanna with cockroaches in a meatball and Jeanna pranked Jesse with snakes while he was in bed. They don’t always pull bug or snake pranks.  Jeanna did put sand in Jesse’s sandwich and gave her brother dog food that looked like a dessert.  Jesse also put the hot pepper extract on sushi and gave it to Jeanna. Sometimes they do public pranks like :
Twin Teleport
Queen Elizabeth Pranks Outside
Black Friday Employee Prank

      I did interview a couple students on what will they do if they got pranked.  Would they do a better prank on the person who pranked them or will they do nothing ?  There is one other questions that I will ask some people like :                     

If you ever pranked anyone what was your best prank ever?

Nyah C. (Seventh Grader)
Question : Have you ever pranked anyone? If so, what did you do?
Answer : I put soap on my sister's pillow and toothbrush

Noah G. (Eighth Grader)
Question : Would you do a better prank on the person who pranked you or would you do nothing?
Answer : Yes, I would do a better prank on them

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