By : Lauren Castro
      Hey Lions!!! Have you ever thought about fashion being important or fun?? To the RCMS students, fashion has always been a big thing. Some of the cute trends and fashions are crop tops, high-waisted pants and shorts, gold jewelry, combat boots, etc. And for guys it wold be, pro-clubs, jordans, army shorts, etc. If you have noticed, we have brought back some 90’s wear to our generation, things such as snapbacks, overalls, and flower crowns, tie-dye shirts, and rolled up jeans and shorts.

      We have also brought back some amazing brands that people all over the world wear, such as, Stussy and Active. Those two brands have been some of the most popular brands for this year. Eventually, people and kids will start finding and establishing new clothing brands or come up with new designs for shoes or accessories that could possibly be successful. I believe that for guys it is so much easier to pick out their outfit because guys do not have as many worries for fashion or style as girls do. Some students are even interested in making brands. Lots of people love fashion too, especially with the new clothing we have today. Some places that students at RCMS like to shop at are at: Tilly’s, Active, Pacsun, Styles For Less, Zumiez, Forever 21, Nike and Wet seal.

       I believe that what inspires us teenagers and creators are the celebrities and what they wear. Also, when they are on the red carpet, it is changing what our fashion is in this generation.  However, people are designing and creating new amazing fashions and showing them off for the world to see. Youtubers, such as “Bethany Mota” is a youtube sensation that shows how kids and most teens that you can dress how you want and be who you want. Fashion is also a way to express your personality or yourself in general. There are so many people in this world that are waiting to be discovered and be famous.

       Eventually, teens will start making new brands so people can wear and show off what they created. That shows how big of an impact fashion has on the world, and how it can make people feel good about themselves. That is why i wrote an article about what I'm most interested in, which is fashion.

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