School Sports
By: Braulio C.
Period 4

                                                              Hey Lions, this year some of us heard that the school will be having sports. And let me tell you that if you heard that rumor, well its true. So don’t be lazy watching Television after school or for the whole day. Get up and be active. Mr. Shumacher said that the after school sports will start with football some time in September.

                                                The first type of Activity
                           The first type of Activity is the one and only known Physical Education. (P.E.) Physical Education isn’t exactly a school sport but it still is an activity where you play sports.  In Physical Education you will do some sort of activities that help you with your fitness. Some of them are fun and some are not. But in some way whatever you are doing it will help you. The sports you will do in Physical Education will be: Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Blastball, Soccer, and much more.

                                                The second type of Activity
                                The second type of Activity is the event where you play sports after school. The after school sports will be an event where you can come after school and just play for fun. In the school year 2013 – 2014 we did Basketball, Soccer, and Football. This year I heard there will be Soccer and Football, but I am not sure yet if that will happen.

                                                The third type of Activity
                                                        The third type of Activity will be if you want to take this a slightly more challengeable, then go for the sport you want to play in a team where you can represent our school in battling against other schools. This is only for the sport lovers that want to take it up a notch and want to get ready for the 8th grade Students vs Staff Games. These people are determined to represent the Rancho Cucamonga Middle School, (RCMS), and fight for it.

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