By Maximarie 9/10/14
    Hey guys! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Zoella. If you haven’t then you will learn about her today.  She has three channels. Zoella which is her main channel all about beauty, fashion, and life. Chummy chatter its a channel Zoella and her chummy (Louise) share. More Zoella is where she does most of her blogs. Zoella has 5,880,084 subscribers as of today. On February 2, 2007 she joined youtube even though she started vlogging in 2009. She has a 169 uploaded videos and currently has 255,929,043 views on her main channel. Once a month she does a monthly favorite video. She makes a hundred twenty six thousand two hundred to a million dollars per year. Zoe has a website too ( http://www.zoella.co.uk )

    Most people now her as Zoella but her actual name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg. She was born March 20, 1990 (age 24) in Lacock, England. She currently has won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web star Fashion/Beauty. She has a brother called Joe Sugg (22 years old) and a boyfriend named Alfie Deyes (20 years old). Yes that’s how you spell his last name not like this -> Days. They both have youtube channels Pointless Blog (Alfie) and Thatcher Joe (Joe).  She will currently be releasing  a novel this year  November 25 called Girl Online. It’s currently on preorder so if you want to buy it go order it on amazon.com. Zoe also has a Bestie named Louise Pentland aka a sprinkle of glitter. Louise is 29 yrs old.

    Another thing about Zoe is that she LOVES Harry Potter not likes him she loves him. She has also been in one of the Harry Potter (Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) movies as an extra.

Well I hope you like my article on Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. Bye >.<

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