BY: Sequoia B.                                  


         Sixth graders, don't seem like much, because of there height, but they are very important to this school!
      Have you ever wondered what the sixth graders thought of our school compared to elementary school? If you ever wondered you should read this because you never know what they might think of this school. They could think this is the most boring school ever. I will be interviewing some sixth graders and see there opinion. I will ask the following questions:
    ~What do you think of this school?
    ~Do you like your teachers? 
    ~Do you think this school is different and harder then elementary?
     Some sixth graders are sad. Can it be because they don't like this school? Or be because some of there friends didn’t come to this school? We will never know!
     The reason I am interviewing them not you 7th and 8th graders, MAUHAHAH..... (JK), is because there new to this school and they have new thoughts.
      The most common answer that I got from the sixth graders was i like this school. I like my teachers. And the school is harder from elementary school because we have a lot more classes and more stuff to do. They think it’s different from elementary school because they have different timed, schedules, and a lot more classes. Another answer for the last  question was  the  sixth grade is kinda easy because I learned some of the sixth grade stuff in 5th grade.
      Sixth graders are awesome and that is why I am writing about them. I thank you if you are liking this  article so far. To all the sixth graders out their, have the best sixth grade year because this is your only one of your entire life, unless you flunk. I hope you like the pictures that I have taken of the sixth graders I interviewed. Thanks to the people I have interviewed for the newspaper, I couldn't have done it without you.

Here Are the people I interviewed!
               Arlene & Brianna                 Seth                                 Alyssa                             Daniela                         Elaina                        
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