By: Justin B.

    Have you ever wanted to watch a Japanese cartoon? Well now you can! Introducing, anime!!! Anime is amazing shows that are made in Japan and are not in English. But don't fret, you can still find them in other languages. There are so many to choose from, so don't limit yourself and only watch one.
    There are a variety of different kinds of anime.  There’s action, comedy, thriller, horror, mystery, and many more. An example of a popular action horror anime called “Attack on Titan”. It may be a bit mainstream, but it’s good! Some more animes are Death Note, Sword Art Online, Black Butler, and Psycho Pass.
    Japan’s first world-wide successful anime was a short film made in 1918 by Kitayama Seitaro. It was called Momotaro. The creators were the first people in Japan to experiment with motion pictures.
    Anime is like an illness. Eventually, you will get sick and fall in love with every moment it has to offer. You’ll feel the emotions of the characters and know their pain and suffering and their happiness. You will learn how to speak the language of anime and you will be able to talk all about it with your friends. You’ll become one with the fandoms and you’ll be able to relate to other people who have the same anime interests and be introduced to many new series.
    Since anime is in Japanese, it can also help you learn a bit of the language. You might learn how to say simple phrases such as hello, thank you, and sorry. It could be helpful if you meet someone who only speaks Japanese or you go to Japan. You also might learn how to say complex sentences such as, how is your day, or it is beautiful outside today.

    Anime is a world wide sensation and it is growing by the minute, so no matter who you are or where you live, you can always enjoy a nice episode of Japanese shows. And then you will eventually be introduced to manga, but that's a whole other article.

This is a character from the very famous anime and manga, Attack on Titan. His name is Captain Levi.
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