By Gabriel


    Skating is one of the best things i’ve tried and it is very fun. I go to the skatepark with my friends every week at least 3 or 4 times. We always have fun and we help each other out with new tricks. The number one thing to know if you start skating is to not give up even though someone may be better then you. When my friends and I go to the skatepark we always encourage each other to try new things like skating the bowl or trying to land a heel flip. It’s always fun when we go because we just have fun.

      Skating was made by surfers who just always wanted to be on a board. The surfer who invented skating is not known because it was multiple surfers idea. The first skateboards came around sometime in the 1950’s. Actual first skateboards were wooden boards with roller skating wheels. In 1965 skateboarding just stopped it was just a fad. Then after about 5-10 years it just came back because of the new style wheels called urethane wheels.

    In 1978 a person named Alan Gelfand created the trick called the ollie. The 1980’s is when the actual passion for the sport came in and people started making there own ramps to have. They had ramps, bowls, and half pipes and all that is called vert. Street skating became more popular than vert skating. Then in 1995 they had the first X-Games on ESPN and it was very serious. When I go to the skatepark I like watching the sponsored skaters i’ve asked them how long they’ve been skating some have been for 9 years others have been up to 15-20 years!

    Now in the 2000’s skating is so popular there are skateparks everywhere. So many kids love skating and have passion for it. Even if you go to the skatepark just to watch I promise you that you will be entertained and you’ll want to try it at least once in your life. I love the skatepark it’s so fun you can meet new people like I have along the way. Thank you for reading about what we call skateboarding.

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