Computer Class      
By: Leanne

    Hey you guys! For the people  who had NEVER been in Mr.Garreston's class, I am talking to YOU. This class has been an amazing experience. I was one of those people in 6th grade that had the yearlong class. 6th graders don’t have electives, but I guess I was lucky. I also learned SO many things, like how to make a webpage, edit pictures, and many more. If you are ever going to be in his class, make sure next time you join his advanced class. If you like to learn more about computers, this is for you.

    In advanced computer class, you make articles and help with the yearbook, like what I’m doing now. But you still have to use type to learn. :( Type to learn is a typing game on the computer. If you think it’s fun just wait till you play it. When I was in 6th grade, we learned things no one learned in his class yet. When it was close to the end of the school year, we made a book about all the things we’ve done. At first it was so annoying because the computer was freezing, it was so slow, but after we got used to it, it was actually fun. It took time, but it was worth the wait.

    The reason why I’m writing about this class is because I’ve never done anything like this. I hope when you come to his class you experience it too. ANYWAYS enough emotion lets talk about more tech stuff. Another thing we’ve done is called garage band. Garage band is an app that we use to make music. It’s really fun to use and kind of easy. We create our own music and put it into iMovie. In iMovie we make slideshows with effects. I still have many more to tell you about but I think you should just see it for yourself.

Here are some pictures of the classroom!
           I tried to draw an Apple Computer...


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