Hows it going! Have you thought about what to watch on Youtube? Well if you are I have the perfect youtuber for you. His name on Youtube is Pewdiepie, he is just the most interesting  person to watch. He does all kinds of game play on horror games, ridiculously stupid games, and  hilarious games. He also does Fridays with Pewdiepie, which is like well what it sounds like you spend Fridays with Pewdiepie, like there is no gaming he will make cupcakes or something. Well I will just leave you alone to watch his videos.

    Pewdiepie real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He lives in Sweden with his amazing girlfriend Marzia (Cutiepie on Youtube). Marzia calls her subscribers Marzipans, she has the most funniest voice ever like it sounds like a iddy biddy mouse. Felix and Marzia is the coolest  couple ever, she will play video games with him even if she doesn't know how to play. Also they have two pugs called Edgard and Maya.
    If you may not know Pewdiepie has the most subscribers on Youtube on the whole entire world! He has more than 30 million subscribers or what he calls it “Bros”. Just imagine more than 30 million Bros watching you make videos for a living. Pewdiepie is the most known person on Youtube like mostly everybody know hims that goes on Youtube, but some people don't find him very funny, but hey that is their own opinion so I cant judge their opinion just because I find him funny! Pewdiepie makes about 4 million  dollars a year just for making Youtube videos, but he doesn't just make it for the money it makes it to entertain you! Well sorry Bros I am running out of ideas to say so I will just say Peace Bros *Brofist*. I hope you have an awesome day! 

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