Electives, almost everybody from our school has an elective like Computer, Arts, Spanish, ASB, and Office, and Band and this will tell you about what you would do if you were in that elective. Spanish, in Spanish you learn Spanish obviously but its more interesting, if you didn't know how to speak in Spanish then this class with teach you a lot of things, like all the words, and how to put all the words into sentences. Computers, in computer you have an apple computer to do all of your work in and you have the funniest teacher too (Mr. Garretson), in computers you will learn how to us photoshop, garageband, I book author, and a lot more, computer is a must. Art, in art you will learn how to paint drawings and you will also learn the history of art, I think. ASB, in ASB you will be able to choose the events that you want the school to have for the year, Did you ever see the people in lunch that give soccer balls or footballs? That is ASB. Office, in Office you will be assigned to do things that maybe a teacher can't do because they are busy. Have you ever seen a 7Th or 8TH grader go into your classroom and giving your teacher a yellow note that says that someone has to go to the office. Well that is office you will also get papers that you have to stack. In Band you will learn how to play an instrament and then you will perform a concert in Scandia.  Well those were all the electives I hope that you do good in school so that you can get these electives.
Down below i put some pic of people that i ask ,if they were in a elective which one would it be and here they are.

  Savannah here said that she would like to have band

Xavier here said that he would like to have computers

  Alfredo here said that he would like to have computers also     
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these people can get these elective if they got good grades, so can you
GOOD LUCK!!!! Good Bye and have a good year!!!!!!!