Red Ribbon Week 
by Mya

Red Ribbon Week was the week of October 27-31. It is an annually event that R.C.M.S. participates in every year about this time.this event is to help prevent alcohol,tobacco and other drugs. During red ribbon week our school had different things we wearied like put a cape on drugs which means on this day we can wear hats to support and ASB students went around and  gave tickets to kids that participated.These ticket help persuade kids to dress up and try to win prizes at the end of the week in the raffle.

Red Ribbon week is the oldest and biggest drug prevention events that started 25 years ago. It began because of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena. He was a 37 year old man. Who on February 5, 1985 left work to get lunch with his wife.  When he left 5 men showed up and shoved him in a car and killed him. This was a very sad thing that happened in his town.With the help of Camarena’s congressman and a few other there was a club for him were hundreds of people showed up and pledged to live drug-free lives to respects him. they showed there support by wearing red badges of satin ribbons. after this event more people heard about it and it became a campaign that people take part in all around the world
If you participated in red ribbon week I hope you enjoyed it and remember to stay healthy and drug free 

Here were they days of Red Ribbon Week 2014
Monday ; put a cape on drugs (hats)
Tuesday ; shade out drugs (sunglasses)
Wednesday; black out drugs (wear black)
Thursday ; drugs are despicable (wear yellow, blue or purple)

Friday ; scare away drugs   (wear halloween costumes)

allaina wore her hat
jackie wore her hippie glasses
ana dressed in minion colors
Mary, Maryann, Adora, Shayleen, Katelyn, and Angela dressed in black
arianna and nyah wore there costum

below I have a video of  some of the rcms students that particpated

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