Class Pets at RCMS
By: Mary Wise
      Some teachers around the world have class pets. They have class pets because the students in their classes like them. Class pets can make learning fun! Only two teachers at RCMS have class pets but i think more teachers should have class pets. Class pets can enrich the learning experience!

    How do class pets help you say? Class pets can make class more fun and are good recourses for teachers. Pets can also teach students responsibility and caring for something other than them selves. Pets can also encourage nurturing. Students can create bonds with the pets.

    Mr. Markley has a type of lizard called a bearded dragon. Its name is Hunter. The lizard eats crickets and can eat worms. It is a small baby now but it will get older and grow. Wild bearded dragons can live up to 8 years. Pet lizards can live 8-14 years depending on how you care for them. Bearded dragons don't regenerate body parts. So if they lose their tail it will not grow back. You can walk a bearded dragon on a leash.
    Mrs. Schwartz used to have a pet rat in her class but its not there anymore. Last year they put the rat through a maze and did an experiment with it. The rats name was Mr. Pepe. She also has two frogs. Ms. Schwartz had a fish but it died. Lastly, she has two hermit crabs, one is fat and one is small. Ms. Schwartz will probably get more animals in the future, but for now her classroom is thriving with the animals there.

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