By: Shayleen

    Some people believe that vampires really exist in the world, and some don’t. Vampires have different futures than humans, for instance they have to drink human blood to stay healthy in their form. If they don’t feed then they don’t exactly die, they just rot and get old and ugly. If you would like to learn more about vampires keep reading.

    To become a vampire, the person has to find another vampire. Then that vampire has to give him his blood to drink. After he drinks the blood he has to some way be killed. Then after the person wakes up he is now a vampire, and has 24 hours to feed or he will die. Afterwards when the person has fed, he will grow fangs and have the urge to feed off any human around.

Here are some facts about vampires:


     Dracula is the most famous vampire. His name means Dragon. As a child he was used by the Turks as a slave. As he got older he wanted to become ruler of Transylvania. Even though the Turks gave up using the boys as slaves they wanted it again. Dracula did not have a big enough army to defeat them in war. So he went to another vampire and was turned. This was the only way to defend his people.

By the way I got most of the information from the show Vampire Diaries.

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