The Beach
by: Vanessa 
    Hey lions! Do you guys like the beach? I’m pretty sure a lot of you do, but some people really hate the beach. In my opinion I really love going to the beach because you could get in the water and do a lot of other really fun things. I like going to Huntington Beach and Santa Monica. I asked some students what their favorite beaches are and they said Huntington Beach and Santa Monica. Some students like going to Santa Monica because of the pier. Santa Monica's pier has rides, food, and games. Huntington Beach has no games, but they do have a bike trail and rentals. At Huntington you can rent bikes and a lot of other things. Huntington also has volleyball courts, basketball courts, firepits and alot of other fun things to do.

   So at Santa Monica you can go to the pier and go on rides. They also have restaurants, little food vendors, and games. On the way walking to the pier they have little shops where people sell stuff they made or bought and are selling them for profit. Also when your walking on the pier they have people selling art, their photography, clothes, things they made, and a lot of other stuff. There are also a lot of other fun things to do at Santa Monica.


   Now I will tell you about Huntington Beach. At Huntington Beach you can get in the water, play volleyball or football, sun tan, eat , go surfing or boogie boarding and a lot of other fun stuff. The waves at Huntington are really big and really strong. Every time I go in the water I always get rolled around in the water, but it’s really fun.  Anyways there are a lot of really fun beaches around the world you can go to.

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