Intramural Football
                                                                                                                            s            by:Erika

     Hey Lions!!! Did you know that RCMS has after school sports such as, flag football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Currently RCMS is holding intramural football and lots of students sign up for these spontaneous sports. Each sport last up to about a month ,then the next sport starts. If you would like to sign up for any of these sports ask one of the P.E. teaches for a sign up sheet. You also need to have good grades and you can not be late or miss practices or games without a valid excuse. You have three strikes and if you use them all one of the P.E. teachers or teaches assistances will drop you. You can not be on the L.O.P. list and the teachers do a lot of grade checks.
      If you do sign up for football you can bring your football cleats. The teachers prefer you to bring them ,but you don’t have to it just helps you play better. If you bring your cleats they give you more support and helps with speed. If you do and if you do not you will still have fun. If you do like football you should try it ,it will be a great opportunity.
     In football you will be competing against other teams and other schools. When you play you need to have good sportsmanship and be very respectful. Before you play the teachers will teach you all the rules and you will practice many drills. If you do all these things you will have a great experience. When a sport ends everyone that participated will get a intramural shirt.

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