If I Stay and Where She Went
By: Kayla

    Have you read If I Stay, it’s an amazing book by Gale Forman. This book deals with loss, love, and finding your way through tough times. Mia Hall and Adam Wilde are the main characters in this book, and it is a tragic love story. In my opinion, it’s one of the best books I’ve read and although it is very sad, it’s a beautiful story. If I stay just recently came out in theaters and honestly I can’t wait for Where She Went to come out. In my opinion the book was a little confusing to read, if you have a high level in reading it should be fairly easy, but  if you do decide that you want to read If I Stay keep in mind that Gale Forman types in a little squiggly line and it means that Mia is remembering something from her past, just like a flashback, quite usually it’s a loving memory of her family, Adam, and herself. If I Stay is a great book based Mia’s decision; is she going to stay?

    Where She Went, is the sequel to If I Stay, and the love story of Mia and Adam continues. This book is in Adams point of view, how he deals with what happens. the book takes place three years later after Mia’s decision. I believe that in the book it talks about how everything happens for a reason, Adam however said he doesn't quite believe that. The book takes place mostly in New York, if you read If I Stay you would know that Mia and Adam grew up and lived in Oregon so now they pretty much live across the country. I don't what to say any spoilers but Mia, Adam, and Kim, Mia’s best friend, all came from nowhere in Oregon to living the most extraordinary lives. Of course there are many tragedies in Mia and Adam’s story but I wouldn't want their story to be any other way and I thank Gale Forman for creating the most creative and interesting book I’ve read this year. I have said it many times in this article, this book is beyond amazing, and I highly recommend reading it because although not everybody adores those sappy love stories, but I assure you this book is nothing like you’ve ever read.