The Pug

By: Robert Purcell

Hello. This article is here to give you more knowledge about small but mighty pug. And what is a pug you may ask? A pug is a breed of dog that has pig-like features and a long history. Here is a bit more information on that second thing.

The History of the Pug

Cool before modern times!

Ancestors of the pug originated in China and were the dogs of the Imperial court during the Song Dynasty. They were then imported to Europe in the sixteenth century.
The pugs were very popular with European courts. The House of Orange even made it their official dog in 1572 because the Prince of Orange was saved by a pug by alerting him of assassins. A Pug also traveled with William III and Mary II when they left the Netherlands to accept the crown of England in 1688. Around this time, the Pug might have bred with the King Charles Spaniel to give it a more pug-like look.
Other Europeans took a liking to pugs as well. Pugs were painted by an artist in Spain, and the Italians dressed up their pugs in jackets and pants and sit them next to the coachmen.A famous painter named William Hogarth owned many of pugs. In 1745, he made a self-portrait that included his pug. Reports in Italy say that in 1789 pugs were the alongside only the Dutch mastiff and at top for popularity. France was also introduced to the pug. Apparently, a pug was once used to carry messages between a woman and her family since the family was not allowed in. England was swarmed by pugs in the nineteenth century under the rule of Queen Victoria for she had many pugs herself. The Royal family seemed to have pugs from then on.

A Description of Modern Pugs
So Cute!                                                         And also in black!

Pugs nowadays are compact and square-shaped with deep chests and well-developed muscles. They have smooth, glossy coats that come in fawn (a yellowish tan color), apricot fawn, silver fawn, and black. They have tails that curl over their hips. Their ears are either the more popular “button” shape or the smaller, slightly folded “rose” ears. Their legs strong, straight, good length, and well under the body, with laid back shoulders. Their ankles are strong, their feet are small, their toes are spread out, and their nails are black. They usually have under-bites because of the further stuck out lower jaw.
Pugs are small but have big personalities. They’re strong willed but rarely aggressive, good for children. They’re nice to and are built for children. Their mood depends on their owner’s, as pugs can be calm and quiet or lively and playful. They tend to be lazy and nap a lot. They are often referred to as "shadows" because they follow their owners around and like to stay close to them.

Here is a day in the life of a Pug.

Well, I hope you’ve learned your fill on pugs. Thank you and bye!

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