Google Chromebooks
By Quaye

    Have you heard that the school is giving out Google Chromebooks to help us learn more, and when you use it, all your work gets saved on the internet to prevent work from being lost.  Well, many students are excited and can't wait until they get their own tiny laptop thingy.  The best part is that if you save enough money, you can buy the Google Chromebook for yourself at a very discounted price when you graduate from eighth grade to high school, which means that the Chromebook is not yours just yet.  The prices are:

2015 graduates(eighth grade) : $50   2016 graduates(seventh grade) : $25   2017 graduates(sixth grade) : FOR FREE!

You better start saving your money now, but anyways, I'm gonna interview a couple of very excited students XD:

7th grader Jessika
Reaction: Can't wait for the Chromebooks!

7th grader Steven
Reaction: What's taking so long?

8th grader Zedrick
Why are they not here yet?

8th grader Fernando
Reaction: om nom nom nom nom roar

    Recently, applications for Chromebooks have been handed out to students during P.E.  If you turn it in by Tuesday, students will get their Chromebooks on the following dates:
    6th: Wednesday October 29

    7th: Thursday October 30
    8th: Friday October 31(Halloween)

   Although the Chromebooks will be extraordinary and fabulous, it is still a great big responsibility just to take care of.  When you have your Chromebooks, I prefer for you to use it at school only at appropriate times, charge it every single night, and make sure that you have it in your backpack at all times.   Even though it is supposed to be for schoolwork, you can actually download a couple of games just for your entertainment during appropriate times and your weekend.  But you still have to leave enough room for your work from school.  So basically... HAVE A GREAT YEAR!

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