The Basics Of Dirt At RCMS
By: Dylan


   Hey guys it’s another month into this newspaper life and I am now bringing you exclusive content called…dirt. This amazing thing called dirt helps this earth in many ways such as when you’re hurt people say rub some dirt on it and you will live. Personally that has never helped me in any way, shape, or form but it’s the thought that counts. So now that you’ve heard this topic you’re probably like “ OMG what is this guys problem he can’t even write a dang newspaper” well you can like it or leave it and I think that you should just love it because it’s just the thing that makes this world go round.

    Well now that you have reason to like this article lets talk about the dirt at RCMS, and only the dirt at RCMS. The dirt at RCMS is like no other, I know from experience that I have gained in the fields of working with the marvelous thing that we refer to as dirt. So what is so important about dirt? Thats a million dollar question because the reason may be that if you need something to throw, dirt will always be at your side, when I say always I mean whenever you are around dirt, but thats not all. You may just need dirt to… well to get dirty so you have a purpose to shower every night. I guess you could say dirts that third uncle Billy Bob Jo you never had (I know for fact you don’t have a third uncle Billy Bob Jo.) The thing that makes RCMS dirt so special is the place that it is in it’s not at any other middle school it is here and it is now and every little speck of dirt should live it up at RCMS the way our dirt does because why you ask? YOLO, also known as " yellow oranges love oranges."

    Now that you’ve uncovered this useful information about dirt grab your kids hide your pet tarantula and come on down to RCMS to let your dirt run free because trust me it needs it.

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