Funny Faces
By: Ryan Hernandez
    Hey guys we are back with another newspaper, and this one is going to be about funny faces. What are funny faces? Well personally if you don’t know this then you have been deprived, but I shall explain anyway in a paragraph below. You can make these faces when you are surprised (when a “chocolate cookie” is actually a raisin cookie), you smell something really bad (Dylan’s shoes), or when something is just extremely funny. Now, there are multiple ways to create a “funny face”, but I shall explain in one of the paragraphs below.

    In this very paragraph I shall attempt to define the very grand topic of Funny Faces. Funny Faces are faces that you create out of order that sometimes cause others to laugh. A Funny Face is not exactly what you call pretty. Funny Faces usually appear very ugly, as a matter of fact because they are descendants of ugly faces. Now I don’t mean to get off topic, but ugly faces probably originate back when the pyramids were considered “cool.” I think it all started when Cleopatra was feeding her lions raisin cookies. Instantly, when the raisins touched the lions mouth the Ugly Face entered this world. Ever since then raisin cookies have created many ugly faces for being mistaken as chocolate cookies. Then in 1469, a young sailor named Sally S. took part on a voyage to a place he called No-where. At the beginning of his journey he packed all or his barrels with raisin cookies thinking they were chocolate chip. I don’t know much about his voyage but when he came back the funny face was born. my hypothesis is that he had so many Ugly Faces, he began to just laugh at them, therefor creating the Funny Face.
    I have spent a very, very long time(30 minutes) studying the very creative ways of making a Funny Face. One way to create a funny face is to scrunch up your face like a dried prunes. Once you have done that you may add a smile to add a bit of funny to the face. This specific way of creating a funny face is called Prooning. Another very good way of creating a funny face is by bitting your bottom lip and frowning. Then you must squint your eyes and BAM, just like that you got yourself a Funny Face. This very interesting way of making a face is called Angry Hippo.

    Now that you have a basic understanding of Funny Faces you can continue my research on Funny Faces and expand it as much as you want. I appreciate your time you spent reading this article and I will see you later in the next newspaper article.

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