Scary Experiences
by : Angela

Many people here in the school have scary experiences. It’s just whether or not you believe them. Some scary stories involve having paranormal experiences. Others are like playing the Ouija Board or hearing strangers in the house. I don’t know something like that. Most people hear things, tell their parents, and of course, they don’t believe their own kids. It’s okay my parents never believe me anyways. So I asked some 7th graders if they have any scary experiences or any scary stories, and if so, what is it?

Arianna said “I was at home with my mom and my sisters and all of the sudden I hear a screeching noise. I go downstairs and see that the garage door was open. I freaked out, closed the door and ran upstairs. Even after I still heard the screeching noise more than once.”

Sequoia said, "At one o’clock at night the smoke detector  goes off with no batteries. Sometimes doors would be open or unlocked."

Nyah heard a story that says, "People never see me. Julian always had her hair in her face, so she didn’t notice me. Her mom had glasses yet she still didn’t see me. But it’s okay, I don’t blame you. You just didn’t turn around.

I also have my own scary experience. I was at Maryann’s house and no one else was there. We noticed that her mom moved the rocking chair to the kitchen because carpet cleaners were coming. we were both watching videos on the computer and we start hearing a noise. It sounded like the rocking chair but it was in the kitchen and we heard it coming from the hallway. It also didn’t sound as similar as the rocking chair. She turned to me and said,  "Did you hear that because I swear that wasn’t me.”  We wanted to scream but we heard the tv that was paused started playing again. We ran out and noticed her grandma was in the driveway. Maryann told her but she thought we were making it up.

As you can see many people have scary experiences. I hope you liked these stories and experiences for halloween.

                       Sequoia                                                Nyah                                        Maryann



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