Horror Movies
by: Brielle

                Hey Lions! Have you ever thought about how many different horror movies there are? Do you know what horror movies are though? What are horror movies about? What makes horror movies fun to watch?

            There are so many horror movies out there and genres of horror movies that there is only an estimate on how many horror films have been made. There is at least  89,909 and at most 90,111 horror films out in the world. Here is a list of some of them,

The exorcist
                                                            Contracted                            Annabelle                  The Evil Dead                   The Conjuring                      Mama

    And much much more….. Some TV horror shows are,
American Horror Story

The Walking Dead

Sorry I can’t think of much more.

            The definition of horror film is an unsettling film made to scare, frighten, and cause alarm. They cause our worst fears to come to life. There is so many topics that horror movies are about here are some topics,


evil dolls

And much much more.

       I believe it is fun to watch horror movies for the suspense and mystery. After asking around I figured out that alot of people watch horror movies. Angela says she watches horror movies at sleepovers. Maryann says she watches more horror movies around halloween time than normally. Jackie says she only watches American Horror Story but nothing else.
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