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Introduction to Basketball
  Have you ever wondered how basketball was made or who made it or when it was made? Well you are looking at the right article. In this article you will learn about basketball the history of basketball and how to play basketball.  Well lets get started.

The Creation of Basketball
  The creator of basketball is Dr. James Naismith. Dr. James Naismith Created or invented basketball in the 1890’s in Springfield Massachusetts in the United States. Where back then there were only 13 rules for basketball but now has 12 rules which is listed at the bottom of this article. Well you might be asking why there is one less rule from the rules of basketball. Well they took the rule that if you have the ball you could not move around, you could only pass the ball.


How to Play Basketball

  Basketball is a pretty easy game if you know how to play it. the way to win a basketball game is by shooting the ball into the hoop basically. There is also a point range any thing inside the arch on a basketball court is a two pointer. Also anything outside the arch is a three pointer. If you get fouled while taking a shot you go to the free throw line, and anything from the free throw line is one point. There are five players on the court at a time from each team.

Basketball Game Video and Pictures

This is my Video

Rules of Basketball

  Rule No.1 - Court Dimensions - Equipment
Rule No. 2 - Officials and their Duties
Rule No. 3 - Players, Substitutes and Coaches
Rule No. 4 - Definitions
Rule No. 5 - Scoring and Timing
Rule No. 6 - Putting Ball in Play - Live/Dead Ball
Rule No. 7 - 24-Second Clock
Rule No. 8 - Out-of-Bounds and Throw-In
Rule No. 9 - Free Throw
Rule No. 10 - Violations and Penalties
Rule No. 11 - Basketball Interference - Goaltending
Rule No. 12 - Fouls and Penalties

Basketball Teams

Eastern Basketball team

1   Atlanta Hawks   

2    Boston Celtics   
3    Brooklyn Nets   
4    Charlotte Hornets   
5    Chicago Bulls   
6    Cleveland Cavaliers   
7    Detroit Pistons   
8    Indiana Pacers   
9    Miami Heat   
10    Milwaukee Bucks 
11    New York Knicks  
12    Orlando Magic   
13    Philadelphia 76ers   
14    Toronto Raptors  
15    Washington Wizards

Western Basketball team

1      San Antonio Spurs *  
2     Oklahoma City Thunder
3    Los Angeles Clippers
4   Houston Rockets   
5    Portland Trail Blazers  
6    Golden State Warriors   
7    Memphis Grizzlies  
8    Dallas Mavericks   
9    Phoenix Suns   
10    Minnesota Timberwolves   
11    Denver Nuggets   
12    New Orleans Pelicans   
14    Los Angeles Lakers   
15    Utah Jazz

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