By: Maximarie 10/20/2014
    Hollywood is a neighborhood/city in Los Angeles, California.  It is most famous for its Walk of Fame, the HOLLYWOOD sign, and its celebrities of course. It is home to a lot celebrities. Millions of people/tourists visit Hollywood each year hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity! Many of them are lucky enough to meet there favorite celebrity.There are many theatre, museums, restaurants, movie studios and attractions that would keep you busy for days if you were to be visiting Hollywood. You could take tour bus rides to the Hollywood sign or visit the various museums. If you don’t like being outside or museums you can just go to a the Hollywood Hotel and relax. >.<

Below are 10 places in Hollywood  you can visit and facts about Hollywood .
Ten facts about Hollywood:
1. The Hollywood sign is 45ft. high.
2. The Hollywood walk of fame has over 2,000 stars.
3. The Hollywood sign is 91 years old.                                                                                              
4. In 1853 the city of Hollywood was just one single adobe hut.
5. Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903.
6. The Hollywood sign was supposed to be up for only 18 months.
7. Outside of the Grauman’s Chinese theatre there are many handprints of celebrities.
8. In 1902 the Hollywood Hotel is built.
9. Hollywood is home to C.C. Brown’s Ice Cream that is renowned for inventing the Hot Fudge Sundae. It closed in 1996.
10. The ‘El Capitan Theatre’ in Hollywood Blvd. hosts many live stage shows. The Walt Disney Co. and the Warner Bros. Co. Renovated it in 1989.
Places to visit in Hollywood:
1. The Holly wood Sign
2. Walk of Fame
3. Hollywood Bowl
4. Dolby Theater
5. Universal Studios
6. Grauman’s Chinese Theater
7. Warner Bros Studios
8. Hollywood Blvd.
9. The Capitol Records building
10. The Roosevelt Holt
Hollywood Facts
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