What are kids gonna be for HALLOWEEN at RCMS?


Halloween is a holiday which is on the night of October 31st, some people celebrate it for many different reasons. Some people just take their children out and go walking to houses to go trick or treating. Other people like to dress up for the fun of it and others like when all the horror films come on TV and they watch the marathons. Pumpkins are an important part of halloween because thats one way to decorate your house after you carve the whole pumpkin and when it looks perfect for your house. The rest of the people do whatever they want on Halloween or they don't celebrate it but either way its still Halloween right?

I honestly feel like halloween is a holiday where people can express themselves with their own creativity, or trying to scare other friends to laugh. People can also show creativity with there costumes and how it shows who they are or what they wanted to be just for one night without getting judged. A lot of people’s favorite part of halloween is going door to door trick or treating to get candy and eat it, but our parents usually eat most of our candy because they say they are “checking it.” Also Halloween is just a day where younger or older kids can just get a lot of free candy and eat as much as they want and they can drive there parents crazy if they are younger by running around everywhere and being on a sugar high. Anyways, now that I'm done talking about what halloween is and what people do on that day you are gonna see all of the people that I interviewed about their costumes, why they choose to be this on halloween, and all of the students are from here RCMS. Okay well Enjoy! 

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