By Gabriel

    Have you ever thought about going to a hockey game and experiencing hockey? I have I always go to the games because i have season tickets. I love going it is so fun because i take my friends and we all just watch the game and have a fun time. If you've never been to one you should try to go at least once in your lifetime. Expect loud noises, hockey players fighting each other, and seeing players get checked on the glass. Also expect to hear the loud noises of the fans cheering and booing at both players and refs.

     I’ve been to many hockey games. I invite my friends to go to games , and we always have fun. The closest hockey team to here is the Ontario Reign and I have season tickets for them. I’ve been to the Staples Center to see the Kings, Honda Center to see the Kings play the Ducks, Citizens Business Bank Arena to see the Reign, and many more. I love hockey since the first game I have been to.

    Reign season will start on Saturday October ,25. The NHL season has already started and it’s been very good so far. I watch the Kings play at my house all the time on my TV. Almost everyone in my family is a hockey fan and we all get together to watch the games. I’ve met many Reign player’s and I can’t wait to meet this years players. Some of the players on the Reign have made it up to the NHL level and I have seen them play. For example Michael Hutchinson played for the Ontario Reign and when I went to Staples Center I saw him play for the Winnipeg Jets against the Los Angeles Kings. Down below I will have a video of overtime at the Kings and Jet’s game. Thank you for reading.

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