The Maze Runner   

By Leanne A.
period 4

 The Maze Runner is a book that would blow your mind. If you haven’t read The Maze Runner, you are missing out. The Maze Runner is about a guy named Thomas. Thomas woke up in the Glade forgetting everything except for his name. The Glade is a place with a HUGE maze surrounding it.

   When Thomas first got there, many guys didn’t like him. But some were his friends. One was a guy named Chuck. He was about 12 years old with curly hair. Another was a guy named Newt. He is tall, and has blonde hair. The Gladers called him Greenie or Green Bean. It means he’s the newest one to be there. But then there is a guy named Gally. He is one of the people that weren’t very nice to him.

   Every month a new person comes up from the box. The first person to be there was a guy named Alby. Many guys are there too but has been there for a long time. There are guys called Runners to go in the maze and find a way out. The leader of the Runners is a guy named Minho. They have looked for 3 years but hasn’t found it yet. The number one rule in the Glade is to never go out in the maze at night.
   Every night the maze closes. Some guys got stuck in the maze and didn’t survive. No one survives in the maze at night. The reason why is because they get stung by a Griever. A Griever is a big monster with spikes hanging out. Ever since Thomas came, everything changes. The day after he came, a girl came up the box. Her name is Teresa. In the Glade there are only guys.

   But after all these years she’s the first girl to be there. But she didn’t wake up. Instead she was unconscious and was holding a note in her hand. It said she's the last one, ever. A few days or weeks she wakes ups. Thomas and Teresa can talk to each other in their minds. They don’t know how but they know it means something. Later something strange happens. Remember how I told you that the maze closes every night? This time it doesn’t close. Will they survive from the Grievers? Will they get out of the maze? Find out and read the book by James Dashner!

    Here is a video of me interviewing people!