By: Xavier

    R.C.M.S. (Rancho Cucamonga Middle School) is a middle school where hundreds of students go. Some things to do at R.C.M.S. are intramural football and other sports after school later in the year. Also there are electives like computers, art, music, etc. Students at R.C.M.S. like to use lunch as there free time, some play two hand touch football, soccer, or maybe they just talk, but their are not always fun and games you have to deserve it. If you don't listen to a teacher or do something stupid, you may have to do lunch or after school detention, but it depends on what you do. At R.C.M.S., 8th graders get to go to Knott’s Berry Farm, so if I were you I would try not to get into trouble because if you get in trouble multiple times you’ll lose fun activities to do at the end of the school year or even during the school year like dances. Sometimes at the end of the year the teachers and students play a sport against each other like football or basketball. Also,  if you get more than nine "F's" you cannot walk (can't get certificate for passing 8th grade), but you still can go to high school.

    Well as you can see R.C.M.S. is just like any other middle school, there are good things about it and bad things about it. The main thing you should’ve took from this article is to always do the right thing because you do not want to be in the office while your friends get their certificate for passing the 8th grade, or lose fun activities to do in the year. Just remember to listen and do your work. You will be just fine because there should be no reason for getting in trouble and if you do, that is your own fault. Anyways, just have a good day at R.C.M.S. or anywhere you are.

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