Sand rail

         Have you ever gone off road racing? Well I go every 2 months by what I think, I say that it is awesome. The amazing feel that you get when you are the driver of a sand rail. If you don't know what a sand rail is I will tell you and show you what it is and how awesome they are. A sand rail is a lightweight off-road motor vehicle made for traveling in sand, some people call it a dune buggy or sand car but the sand rail is a different type of speciality vehicle. Some people make their on custom sand rails to ride. I have a sand rail and from experience I have to say that it is  awesome to go 15-30 MPH (Miles Per Hour) with all the wind going to your face and the sound of the motor of the sand rail right on your back. Sand rails are awesome. I put a picture of my sand rail down below check it out.

           So that is my sand rail it has a 1500cc engine, if you don't know how strong it is have you ever seen a truck thats has 1500 on the side well that truck has the same engine as my sand rail and I painted it black and green as you can tell. When I got it, it was yellow and white. It is cooled by air and is a volkswagon engine.

       The First Sand Rail

         The first sand rail was made by the military, some soldiers came back from world war II and needed an off road veichle because there weren’t as many roads as there are today so they started making some and testing them out and the sand rail was the best one out of them all, so they used them. Then the sand rail became so popular that car dealers and car shop started selling them. If you go to an off road racing store the sand rail will be the first thing that you’ll see maybe outside the shop or it will be the first thing right in front of you when you enter the shop.  

     I hope you liked my newspaper, I hope this made you want to get a sand rail and try to ride it.
Thank You for reading and watching my newspaper article have a good year lions . 

Down below I put a video of my uncle riding his sand rail in the best places he could find that will show you how awesome they are.

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