The Dress
By: Ana

    If you have any form of social media you have most likely already heard of " The Dress ". If you haven't heard of this dress you probably have no access to the Internet. So if you have no idea what I am talking about, I will explain. This all started when a picture of a dress was uploaded on Tumblr asking what color it was. The person who uploaded it was probably not expecting the reaction it got. Thanks to this dress the world will forever be divided into two kinds of people: those who see it blue and black and those who see it white and gold. Disagreements in what color the dress is have led to arguments between friends and family.
    So what is the actual color of the dress? The answer is blue and black, this has been confirmed by many pictures of people wearing the actual dress. The next question would be why some people see it as white and gold. When this picture was taken there was a warm light hitting the dress, so what people actually see is the light reflecting off the black and blue, making it look white and gold. Why others might see it blue and black all depends on how the brain interprets the colors. The news about this dress quickly circled the Internet. Everyone including celebrities had their opinion on what color the dress was, which made it an even bigger debate.

So what color do you see the dress???

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