Have you ever heard someone say oh your outfit looks so tumblr or man you picture look so tumblr. If you have cool keep reading and if you haven't you should still keep reading. Okay so tumblr is a multimedia network where you can blog and follow other blogs. You can also see and do many things. Like photos of celebrities, youtubers, photography and gifs. You can ask questions to other people on tumblr. Its also known for treading things an example is #the dress is it black and blue or white and gold. That was a question that first started going crazy on tumblr

    So now you know a little lets get to the history of tumblr. Tumblr was first founded in 2007 by David Karp and later in may 2013 yahoo said they wanted to own it for about 1.1 million dollars. Doing this made many users upset about the news. There was a petition, getting about 170,000 signatures so David remained CEO and the deal was closed. The first two weeks of it being made there were 75,000 users and as of March 1,2015 it now has 225.1 million blogs. Tumblr has a company headquarters in New York City where they think of new updates for the website, think about more merch ideas and talk to more sponsors like jansport, coca-cola ,dior and many more who help tumblr keep being sponsored.

How tumblr is setup
    The main part of how tumblr is set up is the dashboard which is the part of tumblr where you can basically go through your feed and see all the things the blogs you follow have posted. On the dashboard you can reblog, comment and like posts. It also allows users to upload text post, images, videos , quotes or a link to other blogs.Next is the search which allows you to search tags, blogs and people. After is your accunt that lets you see your likes who your following, settings and your blogs. Last is the activty thats where you can see recent follows, people who repost your things and likes.

dashboard                            search                                  Profile                              Activity

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