y: Mary 

    Target is a store that has all different types of stuff. Target calls themselves an upscale discount retailer. Their slogan is “Expect more. Pay Less” Target is a retail store. The first Target was opened in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota. Target has 1,934 stores in the United States. Target also has other versions of the store called SuperTarget, CityTarget, Urban Stores, and TargetExpress.

    Super-target is a bigger version of the smaller Target. Supertargets are about 174,000 square feet and have two entrances. The first Super-target opened in 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska and is the biggest Super-target. It is open 24 hours. A lot of Supertargets offer Starbucks, Pizza Hut Express, Taco Bell Express, The Studio @ Target, Target Pharmacy, Target Photo, Target Mobile, and a Wells Fargo Bank or U.S. Bank.

    Some people call Target the name Targét, Oprah Winfrey started this by saying it on her show. Target does not sell firearms they only sell toy guns that don’t look realistic. They also don’t sell tobacco products and haven’t sold cigarettes since 1996.

    Target has clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores and they attractive prices. They have 366,000 team members worldwide. Target has business at Target’s net earnings yearly are 1,971m. Their credit card revenue is 1,341m.
    You can find anything at target to dog supplies or cosmetics, clothes, electronics, furniture, office supplies, fresh food. Target offers lots of fresh food. They also have lots of soda, candy, chips and things like that. Target has clothes for men, woman, children, plus sizes, maternity, and last but not least dogs.

    Target has everything you need in your daily life, shop there.

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