Color In Motion

 Color In Motion is a 5k marathon run that blast you with a variety of different colors while you are running. Every year Color In Motion pairs up with a charity, this year they will be pairing up with The Boys and Girls Club of America. To join the run you do not have to be a avid runner, you can walk, run, jog, sprint, and even crawl what ever pleases you.

    The Color Run blasts you in tons of different vibrant colors so most people wear white. The paint they blast you in is washable and does not contain chemicals that can harm you, and the color is also washable so don’t worry about it coming off. The color is made out of cornstarch with food grape dye. The Color Run is held all over, the races start around January and end about July/ late August. Some local ones are held in San Bernardino, Pomona, and San Diego. You are not timed in this race so fill free to take your time.
    Color in Motion will be raising money for the Boys and Girls club of America. The Boys and Girls club of America is an orginization for under privliaged kids that is held after school. This club has many different types of educational clubs such as the education & career program, art program, character leadership organization program, and even a sports fitness and recreation program. So if you guys have never ran a fun marathon like a mud run or the color run I really recommend you try one out.

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